7 Ways To Make Your Old Car Look New

Having a car comes with so many responsibilities like cleaning it, taking it for regular maintenance, and servicing it. But no matter how much you take care of your beloved vehicle, it will get old and worn out in a few years.

If you have an old car that runs smoothly, there are many ways to make it look new and cool. As of January 2021, there were 20.1 million registered motor vehicles in Australia which is quite a lot. In case you want to revamp your old car and make it look like a shiny, new one, here are some tips.

1. Get rid of the junk items

One of the easiest ways to make sure your car looks new is to get rid of clutter inside it. Remove junk items like old newspapers, food containers, bottles, or anything else that isn’t needed anymore.

Even items like sunglasses, charger cables, and travel items should be removed or kept arranged in small, neat piles. In the case of items like napkins or first-aid kits that might be needed in emergencies, they should be kept in the pockets, not the seats.

2. Do a deep clean

Another great way to give your car its old shine is to clean it thoroughly. Every six months or so, you should do a deep clean, meaning clean the interiors as well as the exteriors. You can either clean the interiors yourself or go to any car washing service shop.

It’s extremely important to make the interiors like the seat covers and steering wheel as spotless as possible. If you wish to deep clean at home, you can vacuum or give it a thorough shampoo. If there are any small recent stains, clean them properly with a napkin.

3. Condition thoroughly

Cleaning isn’t just the only thing you have to do- conditioning the interiors is also important. Conditioning gives it a glaze that no shampoo will be able to live alone.

Seat cushions and other upholstered services should be given deep conditioning in addition to shampoo to make them sparkle with cleanliness and give them that “new car” look. Conditioning also removes any unpleasant stench that might be in your car.


4. Purchase an air filter

Air filters are things that should be cleaned regularly and changed once they don’t work properly. Dirty air filters can damage your car if kept that way for too long. If you see your filter is beyond the stage where it can be cleaned or wiped, you must buy a new one.

This will not only help you to breathe comfortably while you’re inside the car but also prevent any build-up of dust or dirt particles that come through the air vents.

5. Wash the exteriors

The exterior of your car accumulates the greatest levels of scratches. So it needs to be sorted out the right way and cleaned properly. A good wash in a car washing centre can really glam up the exterior and if you can manage to cover up the dents using vinyl wraps, your car will look even better.

When the weather is extreme, your car needs a wash more than ever. There are many car vinyl wrap in Melbourne and you can choose any colour to give the exterior a new design.

6. Replace the wipers

Wind shield wipers also accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Additionally, using old wipers can leave scratches on your car’s windshield.

This not only makes your car look old and worn out but can obstruct your view too. In order to avoid accidents, change these wipers every six to eight months or even earlier.

7. Buy necessary items

Things like floor mats, seat covers, and steering wheel covers can save your car in the long run. They help you to preserve the material underneath and make your car look nice.

For example, if you spill any beverage or food accidentally, you can easily wipe the stain away and the seat underneath will be safe. Cleaning these covers is also much easier than actually cleaning the seats or floor.

Over to you…

Giving a good glam-up to your old car might seem like an impossible task but with the right kind of care, these things will be a piece of cake. If you need any advice on how to make your car look new, you can also talk to a professional and take help.

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