How To Choose The Right Bed For Your Dog

Dogs are extremely active animals that love to jump and play around. But after a long day of playing fetch, your little one will most definitely love to curl up on its bed or sofa and slide into a good night’s sleep.

Your dog’s bed isn’t just a place for sleeping; it’s a little place where your dog is supposed to feel most comfortable and peaceful. A study has shown that more than 50% of dogs love sleeping with their owners.

But dogs also love to sleep and play in their own beds. In order to choose the right kind of bed for your dog, you’ll have to research a little and take care of various factors. Here are a few tips on how to decide the right bed for your dog.

Mattress pad beds

These kinds of beds are large, rectangular ones. Since they are rectangular, your baby will be able to move around a lot and change positions frequently. Mattress pad beds are not only comfortable but are also easy to move and store in a corner.

Orthopedic beds

If you have a senior dog, orthopedic beds are the best. They are made of memory foam that supports the aching joints of your dog. These beds also often come with bolsters to support the head and give some extra stability.

Since senior dogs have special nutritional needs, you can visit to buy special dog food meant for senior dogs.

Doughnut beds

For little pooches that love to cuddle all day, a doughnut bed is ideal. These beds are circular, as suggested by the name, and are soft and cosy.

If your dog has given birth to tiny puppies, they can all pile up on the doughnut bed and sleep together. The covers of these beds are made of soft fabric that provides optimum comfort.


Cave beds

If you have a breed that gets nervous or sick easily or catches a cold often, you can purchase a cave bed. They help to hold back the heat and warmth which makes your dog less anxious. It also provides protection to your dog to value its privacy.

Elevated beds

Some owners have dogs that chew so much of fabric and other materials, it’s hard to control them. For these little devils, elevated beds are a good choice. These beds are made of very tough and durable materials that your dog won’t be able to chew through easily.

They come with a metal frame and an elevated bed made of canvas or any other fabric. Elevated beds are also a good option for heavy-coated breeds that get overheated easily.

There are various factors to consider while choosing the right kind of bed for your baby. Some of them are:


Large breeds will require a lot more space to sleep comfortably. So the size of the bed has to be proportional to your dog’s size. Even small-breed dogs often stretch out and sleep in sprawled positions. For them, rectangular beds are perfect. But if your dog likes to curl up and sleep, you can go for a round-shaped donut bed too.


The material is also an important factor to consider when choosing the right bed. A dog that chews up anything and everything in sight will need a bed made of very durable materials. If you have a senior dog, it might need extra cushioning for support. So depending on your dog’s habits and needs, you have to choose the material wisely.


Did the store clerk show you a bed that has an unbelievably low price? Then it probably means that the quality isn’t that great. Your pet deserves only the best quality food and other necessities, which is why you should decide a bed of good quality. If you purchase one that falls apart after just one wash, you’ll have to buy another bed again.


A dog bed of good quality will cost around $35-150 and can vary depending on the size.

Over to you…

When deciding the ideal bed for your pet, you should always ensure its comfort and protection. Make sure the bed doesn’t have sharp spikes or edges to prevent your dog from getting hurt. The right kind of bed will not only make your baby happier but will also give it a good sleep.



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