how To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party at Home

Birthdays are special for everyone. It’s the day when one grows one year longer. What is more special is a surprise birthday party. When you prepare a surprise birthday party for someone, it makes them feel special and important in their life.

Surprise birthday parties are an excellent idea because it is fun. Even if nobody accepts it, it’s the lifelong dream of many people to get a surprise birthday party.

When you plan a surprise party for someone, there are many things that need to be taken care of. You have to be sneaky until the last day and plan a perfect surprise party.

Here are a few tips on how to plan a surprise birthday party at home


You cannot have a party without a theme. To make the party more fun and surprising, decide on a theme for the surprise party. You can choose the theme based on the genre the person likes; even if you are an adult, it’s no harm sometimes choosing a fairytale theme. You can also make the environment a little spooky by setting the theme to horror. You can also choose to be formal and set the theme to formal wear. One more thing you can do is, decide on a colour code. Setting a theme for your surprise party will make it fun and cool.


Decorations are most important when it comes to a birthday party. You can also put ribbons at the bottom of the balloons you hang around the house, and it will give you the exact birthday party vibe. And for that, you can use Cherry Ribbon to get yourself unique and superb-looking ribbons to decorate your house.

Make sure you leave no spot when you decorate because it will spoil the party’s look. There are balloons of different shapes and sizes available, and you can hang them around. Make sure your decoration matches the theme of your party; otherwise, it will spoil the vibe of your party.

Decide the guest list 

Make an exact guest list upon who you want to call at the party. It is essential to decide who you call to the party. Make sure to eliminate the party poopers. Try to call your close friends and close relatives only. Try to make your guest list small.


Decide on the menu 

The menu is one of the most important things to decide on for a party. You need to think about the people who eat veg as well as the ones who prefer non-veg. Try to keep the favorite dish of the person whose birthday you are celebrating.

And don’t forget to try to know the allergies of the people you are calling at your party. You can also add on beverages and refreshments if it suits your budget. Try to hire a catering service rather than making food at your home, and it will give you time to focus on other things.

Decide on the cake 

The cake is the most significant element when you decide on the party. The cake should be the flavor of the person whose birthday is being celebrated. Try to keep a cake large enough to satisfy everyone at the party. Decide on the theme of the cake. Nowadays, you can get cakes of any shape and size. So, why not invest in a good one. Also buy candles and sparkles for the cake.

Make a playlist 

Make a surprising playlist for the person you are celebrating. Keep their favourite songs and play them at a perfect time. Apart from that, make a playlist for dance so that you are able to maintain the vibe of the party.

Do a quick check 

After everything is decided, check the guests, food, catering, decorations, etc. Make sure to call your guests beforehand. Don’t let the birthday person get a hint of what you are planning to do. And tell each of your guests about the surprise plan.

Final Thoughts

So, I hope our blog helps you plan a perfect surprise birthday party at your home. Make sure to plan a perfect and wonderful gift too, because birthdays are incomplete without gifts.

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